Why Pickle?

Pickling is the process of intensifying something's flavour and extending its lifespan. We believe in creating a personalized image that consumers will remember and hold on to in order to make any brand stand out, inspire fidelity, and drive business.

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Reaching out to consumers proactively to obtain as many meaningful interactions is key. We find ways to encourage heavy traffic and connect with as many consumers as possible in any environment or on any platform. We thrive on creating measurable results for you to keep track of while staying available for you to get involved at any stage of the process.

Impactful Impressions



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Paul Tanguay

St-Hubert Détail - Meilleures Marques Ltée - Maître Saladier Inc. 
Commercial Strategies Coordinator

"We've worked with Pickle on multiple programs ranging from in-store samplings to trade shows over the last 4 years. They always bring new ideas and creative strategy to the table while surpassing expectations during execution every time. We're very happy to have them on our team and can't wait to work with them on many more projects in the future."