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Galerie au Chocolat

case study

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A privately-owned chocolate maker located in Montreal, Canada, Galerie au Chocolat believes that beginning with exceptional ingredients delivers exceptional taste experiences. Their Fairtrade chocolates are produced with only the best, ethically-sourced ingredients from around the world and their artisanal chocolates are beautiful both inside and out of the packaging.

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Complete takeover of all social media platforms, media production, graphic design as well as assistance with special events


In order to drive business, maximize visibility, share updates and specials while entertaining the proper audience, we had to create a custom digital image for L'Académie Laval that was superior to what existed prior to our collaboration.

A friendly personality, attractive call to action and quality mouthwatering images paired with the right language creates the perfect mix of fun and persuasive.


3 000

Over 3 000 followers/likes gained

Net Instagram and Facebook growth since August 2020


Over 10 million impressions

Number of times posts and stories were seen by users 


Over 500 000 in engagement

Likes, shares, comments and clicks


Significant increase in sales

Even after over 15 years of steady business


"The team listens actively and is always ready to help with creative new ideas. They've adapted their services to two of my businesses in order to give us top quality photography, great social media management that drives consumers to the restaurants as well as useful marketing advice." 

Roasters & L'Académie Laval

Peter Venieris

Logo Pickle Creative
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