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Case study for Globe-Cann, Cannabis Consultants

case study

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Globe-Cann is composed of Canadian and internationally renowned cannabis experts, ranging from experts in regulations, license applications, medical sales, construction, operation, production & transformation. They have designed, built and operated over 150 industrial-scale cannabis projects around the world. Their valuable expertise is now made available globally.

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Management of social media accounts, photography and videography, graphic design for Web and print, and complete rebranding of visual identity with a modern logo suited for an international market.


Being a worldwide cannabis consultant, Globe-Cann is always in the need of different digital assets and tactics. For over 3 years, we've been collaborating with them all the way from revamping their branding and website to photoshoots, document production, and social media marketing. Their path is set on being one of the leaders in the international cannabis industry.


Our goal was to give Globe-Cann an ideal brand image by following the 4 main pillars of their identity: Cannabis, Premium, International and Industry Leader. We work closely with the Globe-Cann CEO and his affiliates to ensure the growth and success of a pioneer in a constantly changing market. 



Daniel Fontaine

Globe-Cann, Inc.

"After more than 2 years of collaboration, Pickle Creative has become an indispensable partner in our entrepreneurial projects due to their professionalism, their proactivity and their efficiency. A very honest and human agency that highly values ​​their client relationships!"

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