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"It’s always a pleasure to work with Pickle Creative. They adapt easily to our needs and always meet all our requirements, even in a short period of time. Very attentive to detail, the quality of their work is always impeccable as is their customer service.”

Maude Guay-Marleau, Social Media & Public Relations


Karine Joncas uses the most powerful and innovative ingredients from the world's leading laboratories, formulates them for optimal efficiency and offers the best in skin care and anti-aging products.

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Create high quality pictures and videos for digital marketing, internal recruiting and employee training while respecting specific Karine Joncas branding standards

OVER 500 photographs

Product, ​lifestyle, technical and themed

Multiple videos

Tutorials, Events, Everyday Routines, Brand videos and more

Dozens of successful projects

And dozens more to come!

the challenge
the challenge

When working with a brand like Karine Joncas, staying true to the brand image and following specific guidelines is of utmost importance. A visionary woman, Karine's ideas are always very specific and no detail is ignored when making them a reality.

From promotional videos, tutorials for consumers, recruitment videos, payment plan demonstrations as well as event and conference recaps to product, lifestyle and technical photoshoots, our soothing and efficient approach has kept them with us since our very beginnings.