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Digital & Experiential Marketing Services

Experiential Marketing

We provide turnkey services for trade shows, on-site promotions, product samplings and pop-up shops through meaningful live interactions. We'll train a custom team to grow your sales proactively while making your brand look its best in any environment. We create measurable results and provide you with detailed reports so you know exactly what's going on throughout the process.

From set-up to tear down, for business or for pleasure, we make sure every aspect looks amazing so that you are represented exceptionally. We offer vibrant staff, personalized uniforms and modern branded equipment to either lease or purchase. We also include program analytics and stay available for you to reach us at any time along the way.

-  In-Field Product Demos

-  Trade Shows & Events

-  Innovative Program Ideation

-  Detailed Metrics & Reports

experiential marketing
Social Media Marketing

Social Media 

When it comes to social media, it's about doing something more. From constant research on the latest trends to creating new ones through innovative techniques, we thrive on getting the best results while providing detailed calendars and reports.

From corporate & classy to friendly & entertaining, we custom the design, the call to action, the language and the phrasing to interact properly with your target and get them involved.

No matter what we're promoting, one of the most important parts is targeting the right audience to optimise growth and drive business. We use our experience and expertise to determine the best suited budget and reach out to the ideal public for your brand.

-  Social Media Management

-  Community Growth

-  Organic Activity

-  Ad Campaigns


Sharing the right information the right way is important. We offer turnkey professional photography of all sorts and video production for any needs. If you can think of it, we can make it happen.

From recording short films for social media or creating a full on promotional video to making tutorial videos or technical material for internal use, we'll make it reality and make sure it's exactly as you envisioned it from start to finish.

The impact your content can have is limitless. We'll help you by finding new ways of using it strategically in order to optimize response and get consumers involved.

-  Product & Lifestyle

-  E-Commerce Photos

-  Promotional Videos

-  Technical Videos

Media Prod.

Graphic Design

From creating the perfect brand image to everything that follows, we've got a passionately skilled graphic design team just waiting to take your brand to the next level visually. 


We love creating logos along with a whole universe around them and brand guidelines to make sure you're always represented exactly like you imagined. We also love giving new life to existing brands by updating their image and creating anything from investor documents, ads, promotional equipment, infographics, flyers and much more. 

Looking through benchmarks, trends and various other sources of inspiration to create something new and innovative is our specialty. After a meeting with our creative team, you'll definitely feel inspired yourself!

-  Brand Image

-  Professional Documents

-  Promotional Equipment

-  Infographics & Flyers

Graphic Design

Website Creation

Websites are often the first thing anyone looks at when searching for a company. That's why it's important to have one that represents your brand image, looks good, and most importantly, is user friendly! You want visitors to easily find the information you want them to see while enjoying their experience. We'll help you do just that.


After years of perfecting our skills and processes, we've become masters of research and unequaled Wix technicians. Need something that inspires trust and style while offering maximum functionality? We'll propose various designs and build a website that truly showcases your brand and vision. 

-  Structure & Layout

-  Text Copywriting

-  Mobile Version

-  SEO

Website Creation

Other Services

Everyone likes a one stop shop. That's why we offer a wide range of other services to pair with your package in order to take some of the weight off your shoulders. From producing designs and prints for promotional items, sourcing smart partnerships and collaborations all the way to coaching for you and your team for you guys to get more involved in your own marketing affairs, we've got you covered.

We'll make sure you have everything you need and match you with the best suppliers in the industry if needed. We're also happy to share management tools, tips and tricks for you to get busy yourself! Don't hesitate to ask, we're there to help.

-  Promotional Items

-  Marketing Consulting

-  Adapted Partnerships

-  Custom Packages

Other Services
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