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Experiential Marketing

Case study for the St-Hubert
Chicken Breast Strips

case study

St-Hubert Chicken Breast Strips Activation For Experiential Marketing


St-Hubert is a food company in both the restaurant and retail industries. Since they started selling their famous St-Hubert BBQ sauce in grocery stores in 1965, their products have largely diversified. From marinades to seasonings, salads and desserts, they also offer a range of frozen chicken products.

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Dispatch and manage a team of trained brand ambassadors in 55 stores to sample the new St-Hubert frozen chicken products while sharing key messaging across the Quebec province.


Pushing product sales, brand recognition and encouraging repurchase are the main objectives. By standing out from other samplings with a modern and colourful kiosk, a banner over 6 feet high and ambassadors rigorously trained in sales techniques as well as product knowledge, we make sure consumers retain key messaging while strengthening the bond with distributors.

Through  constant communication with grocery stores paired with a friendly approach and unquestionable results, the relationship between the client and targeted grocery stores will only get stronger over time. Keeping brand ambassadors accountable with innovative techniques, positive reinforcement, learning strategies, team spirit and incentives is also essential in the success of such a program.



Over 8500 samples distributed

And more than 15 000 consumer interactions


Average of 58 sales per sampling

In 55 different stores


Rate of 37.1%

A total of
3208 products sold


Paul Tanguay

St-Hubert Détail - Meilleures Marques Ltée - Maître Saladier Inc.
Commercial Strategies Coordinator

"We've worked with Pickle on multiple programs ranging from in-store samplings to trade shows over the last 4 years. They always bring new ideas and creative strategy to the table while surpassing expectations during execution every time. We're very happy to have them on our team and can't wait to work with them on many more projects in the future."

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