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Turnkey Digital &
Experiential Marketing Services Tailored to
Extract Maximum Flavour


experiential marketing

-  In-Field Product Demos

-  Trade Shows & Events

-  Innovative Program Ideation

-  Detailed Metrics & Reports

Social Media Mockup

-  Social Media Management

-  Community Growth

-  Organic Activity

-  Ad Campaigns

MediaProduction Mockup

-  Product & Lifestyle

-  E-Commerce Photos

-  Promotional Videos

-  Technical Videos

Globe-Cann Mockup

-  Brand Image

-  Professional Documents

-  Promotional Equipment

-  Infographics & Flyers

WebSite Mockup
Wix Badge

-  Structure & Layout

-  Text Copywriting

-  Mobile Version

-  SEO

Booth Mockup

-  Promotional Items

-  Marketing Consulting

-  Adapted Partnerships

-  Custom Packages


about us

why pickle

Pickling is the process of intensifying something's flavour and extending its lifespan. We believe in creating a personalized image that consumers will remember and hold on to in order to make any brand stand out, inspire fidelity, and drive business.

Syhan Morisset

Syhan Morisset

TVA Sports & LCN
Marketing Advisor

"Pickle you are my favorite! My words will never be enough to praise your creativity and quality of work that you have shown for our activations. It is rare to meet such dedicated and trustworthy people. Your work ethic and dedication are admirable and have helped advance the brand's goals. On behalf of the TVA Sports team, thank you and see you soon."


our clients

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